A parent who is apprehensive or calm, safety or fun, need or investment? 
The time to buy a puzzle rug for your children has arrived and we will explain why!

We will do it, however, starting with a brief historical excursus and going back to the very beginning of the twentieth century.

The need to discover

In those years, in fact, in Italy, Dr. Maria Montessorideveloped her theories on the deconstruction of classes and on how children learned better through discovery and direct experimentation . 
These ideas were not immediately very successful and were not completely accepted until the sixties.

Since then, many educators and teachers, such as Charlotte Gano Garrison of Columbia University, have understood the importance of developing new learning methods.

Montessori Games Puzzle Floor

All this automatically translated into the search for new games, especially for the preschool age, and new materials.

Already in 1920 Playskool, today a company of the Hasbro group, began to build toys for wooden kindergartens. 
He also added puzzles to his preschool age product line.

The evolution

In the following years, many companies produced toys and puzzles that were too big to be “contained” on a table. 
These games found their ideal space on the floor of the classroom, the garden or at home. They proposed a game idea that became free to grow in space together with the child .

Toys and floor puzzles in recent years have undergone many transformations. 
The dimensions have increased, the materials have changed and offer many more subjects than their predecessors. 
As in the past, they offer the possibility for many children to play together with the same puzzle and the advantage of the safety of the game on the ground.

Today: the puzzle rug

The puzzle mats for children are an evolution of all these concepts with a modern twist. 
Today we can buy a non-toxic rubber or foam puzzle rug at very competitive prices and brand improvements! 
The rubber rugs for children of the Ravensburger, Clementoni, Lisciani Giochi, Chiccho, Prenatal, Ikea and Dechatlon brands are excellent solutions. 
In fact, they guarantee your child safety, fun and freedom in exploring the world around him.

Even Puzzle Games offers you a wide selection of children’s puzzle rugs that you can purchase through Amazon selected by topic and quality of materials
You can find interlocking children’s mats with letters, numbers, streets or the most popular cartoon characters.
These children’s play mats are also a great gift for your children’s room as they are a soft shelter for their falls and a colorful piece of furniture.

So don’t wait until your child is too big and has already stopped exploding the world from below. 
The time to give a puzzle rug already arrives if you haven’t already done so.