Best puzzle games for Android – Top 5 (June 2019)

Candy Crush Saga

This title apparently colorful and playful hiding behind the graphics to comics a game that will give thread to twist to the thinkers the most hardened. Although the first levels are quite easy, you will have to carefully plan your every move and have a strategist in the long term if you want to overcome the challenges that this puzzle game will offer. Unable to resist Candy Crush Saga, especially for lovers of sweets, candies and various sweets, careful not to make overwhelmed by the desire of sweetness!

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Master of Logic 1 – the Puzzle Creative

If you think you have a good memory, great flexibility of mind and capacity for lateral thinking, this game is definitely for you. Faces creative puzzles, and resolving in the shortest possible time. This game will give you even a score for your skills depending on the questions addressed and resolved to the way in which you solved the problems. Playing this app will improve your cognitive abilities and make you more ready and productive in everyday life.

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RollTheBall: sliding puzzle

This title is a remake of the classic game of 15 given that, by sliding the tiles, you can create a path that leads the white ball from the gray box to start the red arrival. Complete the path using all of the tiles provided by the scheme you’re facing and with the least number of moves possible, so as to obtain the three stars in each level. You will be able to tackle hundreds of puzzles pre-made and you can do so calmly, given that there is no time limit in any level.

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Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

In this title you will have to draw objects within the schema proposed to meet the requirements of the scenario. All of the objects that you draw will in fact be subject to the acceleration of gravity and move interacting with the figures already present. We can exploit the laws of physics to reach your goals? You will be able to manage the moments of the forces that will act on your creations? Game highly recommended for lovers of the physical, but also for those who wished to engage in a series of brilliant new challenges.

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Puzzles with matches

This game puts at your disposal more than one thousand schemes of the game where you have to move a certain number of matches in order to achieve the objective required by the level that you’re facing. Try this title that is a blast from the past for lovers of logic games!

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