PUSH Review – Press the Right Keys

Maciej Targoni, after the success of Klocki and Hook, continues his series of titles with a relaxing nature. This time he has joined forces with Michal Pawlowski, developer of Zenge, to create PUSH: a new minimalist puzzle with very special features compared to his previous games.


The objective of the game is to press all the blue keys present in the level. That sounds easy, but as you progress through the levels you’ll see new switches, levers and keys of various colors and shapes or marked differently with which you have to interact in a certain order to avoid deactivating the blue keys and having to start over. Unlike previous titles of Maceij Targoni, PUSH pushes more on the three-dimensionality of the game, strong experience of Pawlowski with 3D objects seen in Art of Gravity, with elements to rotate and move to find all the buttons and levers that are added during the progression.

This leads to having to think hard to understand the right order to complete each level, without ever being frustrating. Also because there is no chronometer that marks the elapsed time or a predefined number of moves so not even a score or ratings at the end of the level: we can take all the time to find the solution of the puzzle and understand the best of all the game mechanics.


To the large floating shapes with dark colours and clean profiles, some seem to come out directly from a work by Escher, contrasting with the light colours of the elements with which to interact, making everything always understandable and readable. The electronic ambient soundtrack adequately accompanies us in our progression level after level.


PUSH evolves the game formula typical of Maceij Targoni’s titles, while maintaining the characteristic elements such as a relaxing nature and minimalist appearance. If you have loved the previous titles of the Polish developer the purchase can only be recommended.

Mini Metro Review – Don’t Call It Metro Simulator

In recent years the genre of simulators has become incredibly popular. Games such as Farming Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator have recorded unprecedented purchase records for products of this type. In this context the guys at Dinosaur Polo Club followed the trend in their own way with Mini Metro, a puzzle born during an edition of Ludum Dare, one of the most famous game jams in the world, and later became a real game. After the publication on Windows and Mac it arrived on mobile thanks to Playdigious.

GAMEPLAY – one train per line

Each level is a representation of a real city of the eleven available in which each station is represented by a different geometric shape, as well as the passengers denoting in this way their destination. The aim is to make as many passengers as possible travel, connecting the stations to each other and assigning the trains and carriages available to each line, avoiding overcrowding one of the stations. These are generated procedurally making each game different from the other, but introducing a bit of luck factor to the game. In any case, it is always possible to pause the game to reorder the lines without any hurry. More than a simulator, where you have to manage the economic resources and give directives, the game is an original puzzle relaxing and simple mechanics but that becomes progressively difficult and challenging.


The style of the game is inspired by the maps of subways around the world: the light background unravels the different lines, each with a very different color. The interface is very intuitive: on the left there are our resources (trains, wagons, tunnels, etc..) while on the right the lines available. Moving the elements is very simple thanks to some visual feedback. The soundtrack, signed by Disasterpeace, adapts to your system of stops. Each event on the screen produces a distinct sound and the union of these effects creates a beautiful symphony.


The first game of Dinosaur Polo Club is a simple and fun puzzle that can give a good level of challenge with a minimalist style combined with an unmistakable soundtrack. If you are looking for a non-trivial puzzle with a good challenge rate this is the title for you, a small big pearl in the sea of the mobile market.

Device used for the review: Huawei Nexus 6P – Android 7.1.1

Best puzzle games for Android – Top 5 (June 2019)

Candy Crush Saga

This title apparently colorful and playful hiding behind the graphics to comics a game that will give thread to twist to the thinkers the most hardened. Although the first levels are quite easy, you will have to carefully plan your every move and have a strategist in the long term if you want to overcome the challenges that this puzzle game will offer. Unable to resist Candy Crush Saga, especially for lovers of sweets, candies and various sweets, careful not to make overwhelmed by the desire of sweetness!

Click here to download Candy Crush Saga.

Master of Logic 1 – the Puzzle Creative

If you think you have a good memory, great flexibility of mind and capacity for lateral thinking, this game is definitely for you. Faces creative puzzles, and resolving in the shortest possible time. This game will give you even a score for your skills depending on the questions addressed and resolved to the way in which you solved the problems. Playing this app will improve your cognitive abilities and make you more ready and productive in everyday life.

Click here to find out the Master of Logic 1 – the Puzzle Creative.

RollTheBall: sliding puzzle

This title is a remake of the classic game of 15 given that, by sliding the tiles, you can create a path that leads the white ball from the gray box to start the red arrival. Complete the path using all of the tiles provided by the scheme you’re facing and with the least number of moves possible, so as to obtain the three stars in each level. You will be able to tackle hundreds of puzzles pre-made and you can do so calmly, given that there is no time limit in any level.

Click here to find out RollTheBall: sliding puzzle.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

In this title you will have to draw objects within the schema proposed to meet the requirements of the scenario. All of the objects that you draw will in fact be subject to the acceleration of gravity and move interacting with the figures already present. We can exploit the laws of physics to reach your goals? You will be able to manage the moments of the forces that will act on your creations? Game highly recommended for lovers of the physical, but also for those who wished to engage in a series of brilliant new challenges.

Click here to find out Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles.

Puzzles with matches

This game puts at your disposal more than one thousand schemes of the game where you have to move a certain number of matches in order to achieve the objective required by the level that you’re facing. Try this title that is a blast from the past for lovers of logic games!

Click here to find out Puzzles with matches.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga Game Review

Bubble Witch Saga – is a fun arcade puzzle game for android, in which we need to break the combination of balls into groups of 3 or more series. A game that reminds everyone Zuma-like game, because it uses a similar principle shooting.

Join this magical saga alone or with friends and challenge them to score more points than you! Bubble Witch 3 Saga is completely free, however, some optional game items require a fee.


  • The fantastic new chapter in the Bubble Witch game series
  • Match 3 bubbles to pop them in this magical bubble shooting adventure
  • Bewitching all-new game modes and cute characters!
  • Free owls and ghosts and save the Fairy Queen from Wilbur!
  • Customization Features: Build your own house and visit your friends’ houses for rewards
  • Special bubbles boosters to help you overcome the most difficult levels
  • Easy synchronization between Internet-connected devices
  • Standings to keep an eye on friends and opponents!
  • Free, intuitive and challenging at the same time!


It all starts with the fact that her sister three witches new magic potion beer and her creation need special ingredients. Right, outside the boiler, you can hit the ball in a color board game that is at the top, and filled with a mosaic of the same balls. Our goal is to break all the balls for the least number of moves.
To complete a level Bubble Saga Witch three stars, you need to think a few steps ahead and shoot balls of such combinations in which at once fell down for as many as possible. The game has an interesting feature, in the form of spiders, they come down after each shot successfully, down and disappear after a shot in white. They need to multiply the points of falling balls, as in case of fall they bounce from the beetles and give extra points to pinball.

At each level, the tasks become more complex, the extra performance, and the number of moves steadily decrease. In addition, for each spin with a loss you take away a life, which was originally given only 3 pieces. With the loss of all lives, we have to wait about 30 minutes, until we give new, or pay a small fee for developers to buy an unlimited number of lives.

Features of Bubble Witch Saga for Android:

  • Charm, stylized clay, colorful graphics and animation;
  • More than 150 challenging levels, which will last a few days of play;
  • Ability to change the color of the score ball;
  • 3 cats that will show the best tactics and talk secrets to do spells;
  • A variety of power-ups and elements to provide additional ability to help with the passing of the levels.

    The disadvantages of the game, you can refer to all, but the more responsive treatment and a rather small control, the game feels even better on the tablet, but without the problems are on the smartphone. The means of similar games, we can also recommend Mania Bubble and Marble Blast.


Bubble Saga Witch – a bright and exciting arcade puzzle game for Android, which will help you to enjoy a lot of time and do it for the sake of the brain as
recklessly in this game does not pass and the third level, not to mention the following tests. All levels of the game are divided into a number of interesting worlds, equipped with new design and some features of the game.

Toy Blast Game Review

For a long time ago, smartphones and tablets took the place of newspapers and magazines when you are in the quietest moment of the day, while you are relaxed on the toilet cup. Toilet games are not bad games, but this phrase tends to identify those apps that are not too pretentious, but that are often well made or fun, able to make us spend a few moments of complete relaxation. King of this category is, without a doubt, Candy Crush, one of the very first puzzle game to become a real fashion. After the advent of the product by King, other titles, more or less inspired, have appeared on the stores of Android or iOs. A particularly successful experiment is called Toy Blast, which takes over Candy Crush, with a style and a system of its own.

I’ve been playing Toy Blast for several months now, a title I found by chance on the App Store. It is basically a puzzle game in which, once connected via Facebook, you have to continue for the hundreds of levels present, trying to conquer all three stars and beat the records of their friends on the social network. Speaking of the game itself, you always need to join at least two blocks of the same color to make them disappear, within a certain number of moves. In addition, by combining different blocks, you can create rockets, TNT dynamite and Rubik cubes, each with its own characteristics. The rockets can destroy the entire row of colored blocks, falling back a new one, the TNT can wipe out some in a limited area and the cubes will disappear all the squares of the same color. You can then combine these upgrades and create situations of total destruction: TNT and rockets will create a giant rocket, TNT and TNT will generate a major explosion, while joining the cube will be placed in the colored boxes. There are also ‘paid’ bonuses as well as Candy Crush, objects that make life easier for the player such as the drill that destroys a block or the vacuum cleaner that absorbs all the boxes in a row. The thing that most amazed us about this title, however, is the variety of situations in which we face, a challenge always different for each of the many levels available. There are no puzzles with drops in tone, magicians too simple or done in a hurry, but challenges always good level capable of putting a strain on our intellectual abilities. We start with bubbles, blocks of ice that tend to increase their range, making it impossible to element a few cubes, up to the bricks, white or colored that will be eliminated only if you create combinations of two or more colors in their vicinity. In addition to these, there are piggy banks, which can only be eliminated by upgrades. In addition, each level will present different missions: in some cases you have to drop toys from above by removing the blocks and making them come out of the screen, in others you have to eliminate a certain number of colored cubes, in others will be the bubbles or colored blocks to be destroyed. Proceeding in the levels, it will be even more complicated to solve puzzles, for example, in some cases, there will be levels almost completely frozen, or, in others, you will need to create a total number of cubes to complete a mission.

The best matching puzzle game with unique magical powers and power-ups! Join the fun world of AMY and help her collect her precious toys! Match two or more blocks of the same colour to clear the level and collect the toys from where they are attached. But be careful! It’s not that easy to save all your toys when your moves are limited! Your talent for solving puzzles will be your best tool as you play this super addictive game. Just crush candy, break diamonds, crunch cookies or grow. Break the blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure!

Discover AMY’s fun storage room to make her smile. Play with the sweetest games that will drag you into the fun world of AMY. Break all the cubes of the same color using various accelerators such as block-destroying explosions, rechargeable power-ups and many more!

The tricks have been personally tested and work perfectly on Galaxy S6. If they work for me, they work for you. If you can’t activate them it means you’re doing something wrong in the process.

IMPORTANT: In some games (especially those that also work online in multiplayer) applying the tricks you risk the ban. Also remember that all the files here linked were not created by me, but simply look for them on other foreign sites, try them and text them for you and if they work I share them.

Download Toy Blast

Hook Review – The Relaxing Minimalist Puzzle

Maciej Targoni before Klocki has created another puzzle game with the aim of creating a game with a relaxed, almost meditative nature. From this simple idea was born Hook, initially published as a prototype on Kongregate and then expanded to reach the current form and land on the stores for mobile.

GAMEPLAY – Simple and immediate

The purpose of each level is to remove all the elements present on the screen by untangling the interlocking of screws, hooks and gears. The difficulty lies in understanding which button controls the respective screw between the intrigue of sharp lines and right angle curves and find the right order to prevent the screws from locking each other in motion. All this is clear and immediate, with an increasing complexity of levels that gradually introduces new elements of play and then mix them together in a calibrated way. There’s no high-score timer, score or ranking in the game – we can take as much time as we need to understand the level that comes along without haste, in the very spirit of relaxing the player.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND – Minimalism is the watchword

Visually Hook is a great example of minimalism: we only have two colors throughout the game. The milky white background contrasts with the dark grey of the game elements, all well distinguishable from each other, which move with slow but always fluid animations. In the background you can only listen to the notes of a piano, accompanied by the sound of the backwash and some chirping, to emphasize the relaxed aura of the game.


Maciej’s creation succeeds in its objective of conveying the contemplative spirit of the game with simple and immediate gameplay, with an excellent level of challenge. If you are looking for a different puzzle than usual is a must purchase.