Hook Review – The Relaxing Minimalist Puzzle

Maciej Targoni before Klocki has created another puzzle game with the aim of creating a game with a relaxed, almost meditative nature. From this simple idea was born Hook, initially published as a prototype on Kongregate and then expanded to reach the current form and land on the stores for mobile.

GAMEPLAY – Simple and immediate

The purpose of each level is to remove all the elements present on the screen by untangling the interlocking of screws, hooks and gears. The difficulty lies in understanding which button controls the respective screw between the intrigue of sharp lines and right angle curves and find the right order to prevent the screws from locking each other in motion. All this is clear and immediate, with an increasing complexity of levels that gradually introduces new elements of play and then mix them together in a calibrated way. There’s no high-score timer, score or ranking in the game – we can take as much time as we need to understand the level that comes along without haste, in the very spirit of relaxing the player.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND – Minimalism is the watchword

Visually Hook is a great example of minimalism: we only have two colors throughout the game. The milky white background contrasts with the dark grey of the game elements, all well distinguishable from each other, which move with slow but always fluid animations. In the background you can only listen to the notes of a piano, accompanied by the sound of the backwash and some chirping, to emphasize the relaxed aura of the game.


Maciej’s creation succeeds in its objective of conveying the contemplative spirit of the game with simple and immediate gameplay, with an excellent level of challenge. If you are looking for a different puzzle than usual is a must purchase.