Mini Metro Review – Don’t Call It Metro Simulator

In recent years the genre of simulators has become incredibly popular. Games such as Farming Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator have recorded unprecedented purchase records for products of this type. In this context the guys at Dinosaur Polo Club followed the trend in their own way with Mini Metro, a puzzle born during an edition of Ludum Dare, one of the most famous game jams in the world, and later became a real game. After the publication on Windows and Mac it arrived on mobile thanks to Playdigious.

GAMEPLAY – one train per line

Each level is a representation of a real city of the eleven available in which each station is represented by a different geometric shape, as well as the passengers denoting in this way their destination. The aim is to make as many passengers as possible travel, connecting the stations to each other and assigning the trains and carriages available to each line, avoiding overcrowding one of the stations. These are generated procedurally making each game different from the other, but introducing a bit of luck factor to the game. In any case, it is always possible to pause the game to reorder the lines without any hurry. More than a simulator, where you have to manage the economic resources and give directives, the game is an original puzzle relaxing and simple mechanics but that becomes progressively difficult and challenging.


The style of the game is inspired by the maps of subways around the world: the light background unravels the different lines, each with a very different color. The interface is very intuitive: on the left there are our resources (trains, wagons, tunnels, etc..) while on the right the lines available. Moving the elements is very simple thanks to some visual feedback. The soundtrack, signed by Disasterpeace, adapts to your system of stops. Each event on the screen produces a distinct sound and the union of these effects creates a beautiful symphony.


The first game of Dinosaur Polo Club is a simple and fun puzzle that can give a good level of challenge with a minimalist style combined with an unmistakable soundtrack. If you are looking for a non-trivial puzzle with a good challenge rate this is the title for you, a small big pearl in the sea of the mobile market.

Device used for the review: Huawei Nexus 6P – Android 7.1.1