PUSH Review – Press the Right Keys

Maciej Targoni, after the success of Klocki and Hook, continues his series of titles with a relaxing nature. This time he has joined forces with Michal Pawlowski, developer of Zenge, to create PUSH: a new minimalist puzzle with very special features compared to his previous games.


The objective of the game is to press all the blue keys present in the level. That sounds easy, but as you progress through the levels you’ll see new switches, levers and keys of various colors and shapes or marked differently with which you have to interact in a certain order to avoid deactivating the blue keys and having to start over. Unlike previous titles of Maceij Targoni, PUSH pushes more on the three-dimensionality of the game, strong experience of Pawlowski with 3D objects seen in Art of Gravity, with elements to rotate and move to find all the buttons and levers that are added during the progression.

This leads to having to think hard to understand the right order to complete each level, without ever being frustrating. Also because there is no chronometer that marks the elapsed time or a predefined number of moves so not even a score or ratings at the end of the level: we can take all the time to find the solution of the puzzle and understand the best of all the game mechanics.


To the large floating shapes with dark colours and clean profiles, some seem to come out directly from a work by Escher, contrasting with the light colours of the elements with which to interact, making everything always understandable and readable. The electronic ambient soundtrack adequately accompanies us in our progression level after level.


PUSH evolves the game formula typical of Maceij Targoni’s titles, while maintaining the characteristic elements such as a relaxing nature and minimalist appearance. If you have loved the previous titles of the Polish developer the purchase can only be recommended.