Security camera Eve Cam: Apple technology should protect data

By integrating Apple’s “secure HomeKit video”, the WLAN camera intended for indoor use is intended to protect video data from unwanted insights. Read the review on smart devices from

Eve Systems has introduced a security camera that relies purely on the new Apple technology “Secure HomeKit Video” (Secure HomeKit Video). There is no manufacturer cloud and no user account for the “Eve Cam”, the manufacturer announced on Tuesday at CES 2020. The “access of third parties to live images and recordings” is excluded.

The Eve Cam with a resolution of 1080p (24 frames per second) is integrated into the home network via WLAN (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) and draws power via a USB power supply. According to the manufacturer, the camera has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, speakers and microphone are also integrated – as is an infrared night vision mode. The security camera should be able to be flexibly positioned using a magnetic base.

Eve System emphasized that the live image from the camera was never “passed through any server”. Remote access to the camera image takes place directly via the HomeKit control center.

The analysis of the video stream for movement of people, for example, should also be carried out locally by the control center as part of Apple’s Secure HomeKit Video – an Apple TV or a HomePod. If such recordings of moving objects are saved in iCloud at the request of the user, this is done “completely encrypted”, only the user’s devices should be able to decrypt the video data with a private key. Using the home app, users can also have the camera switched off automatically while at home, notes Eve Systems.

The Eve Cam is scheduled to go on sale in April 2020 at a price of just under 150 euros. An iPhone or iPad with at least iOS 13.3 and a HomeKit control center in the form of an Apple TV (with tvOS 13.3) or a HomePod (with iOS 13.3) is required. To create recordings, users must also book a paid iCloud storage plan with at least 200 GB of storage space for “Secure HomeKit video”. If you want to operate several security cameras, you have to subscribe to the 1 TB option for 10 euros per month from Apple.

Starting in February, Eve System also plans to deliver the “Eve Water Guard” launched last year, a HomeKit-compatible system that sounds the alarm in the event of a water leak. The water detector costs just under 80 euros.