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Van Gogh’s starry night puzzle really liked it. More and more comments have been left on our site by puzzle enthusiasts to compete for the “Di la tua e vinci un puzzle” award.

40 in all in the comments for the month of March.

The number is constantly growing, and this is thanks to your passion and your love for puzzles.

A month of art, which has stimulated fans, artists and lovers of all forms of beauty.

All your opinions contribute to the extraction of the month of March of a Van Gogh: Starry Night on the Rhone puzzle, by the brand Clementoni, of 1000 pieces, by the Museum Collection.
The regulation provides for the publication of the complete list of comments, the first day of the following month, sorted by date of publication.
Then, through the first extraction of the Superenalotto, we can reveal the winning comment.

The March Prize: Van Gogh’s Starry Night

The prize for the month of March is the starry night puzzle by Van Gogh, from 1000 pieces by the brand Clementoni, from the Museum Collection.
We have selected an art puzzle by the famous painter Van Gogh, choosing one of his most famous works of art.

The starry night on the Rhone is one of the paintings that best expresses the deep relationship between the master Van Gogh and the intimate emotion of the night sky.

This puzzle manages to enhance the colors of the starry sky in an unparalleled way.
In fact, it has aroused so much interest and your comments and your participation in the competition prove it.
Surely building an art puzzle of 1000 pieces is very challenging, but at the same time very beautiful and interesting.
For this reason, the Clementoni Museum Collection, is a line dedicated to true lovers of art and paintings.

Our puzzle contest

We reward your loyalty and admirable passion for puzzle making with this beautiful Van Gogh puzzle, and thank you for your continued contribution.
We do it through the online contest “Say yours and win a puzzle” with commitment and seriousness.
During the month of March you wrote 40 comments, all full of advice, emotions and good intentions.
Sharing our experiences and ideas helps us to build a real community, made up of people united by a love of puzzles.

As explained in the rules of the online competition, the Superstar number that will be drawn during the next Superenalotto draw will indicate the winner of the puzzle.

Now we just have to look forward to the announcement of the winner.

Start imagining where you can place this highly evocative puzzle, because you could be the winner!