Toy Blast Game Review

For a long time ago, smartphones and tablets took the place of newspapers and magazines when you are in the quietest moment of the day, while you are relaxed on the toilet cup. Toilet games are not bad games, but this phrase tends to identify those apps that are not too pretentious, but that are often well made or fun, able to make us spend a few moments of complete relaxation. King of this category is, without a doubt, Candy Crush, one of the very first puzzle game to become a real fashion. After the advent of the product by King, other titles, more or less inspired, have appeared on the stores of Android or iOs. A particularly successful experiment is called Toy Blast, which takes over Candy Crush, with a style and a system of its own.

I’ve been playing Toy Blast for several months now, a title I found by chance on the App Store. It is basically a puzzle game in which, once connected via Facebook, you have to continue for the hundreds of levels present, trying to conquer all three stars and beat the records of their friends on the social network. Speaking of the game itself, you always need to join at least two blocks of the same color to make them disappear, within a certain number of moves. In addition, by combining different blocks, you can create rockets, TNT dynamite and Rubik cubes, each with its own characteristics. The rockets can destroy the entire row of colored blocks, falling back a new one, the TNT can wipe out some in a limited area and the cubes will disappear all the squares of the same color. You can then combine these upgrades and create situations of total destruction: TNT and rockets will create a giant rocket, TNT and TNT will generate a major explosion, while joining the cube will be placed in the colored boxes. There are also ‘paid’ bonuses as well as Candy Crush, objects that make life easier for the player such as the drill that destroys a block or the vacuum cleaner that absorbs all the boxes in a row. The thing that most amazed us about this title, however, is the variety of situations in which we face, a challenge always different for each of the many levels available. There are no puzzles with drops in tone, magicians too simple or done in a hurry, but challenges always good level capable of putting a strain on our intellectual abilities. We start with bubbles, blocks of ice that tend to increase their range, making it impossible to element a few cubes, up to the bricks, white or colored that will be eliminated only if you create combinations of two or more colors in their vicinity. In addition to these, there are piggy banks, which can only be eliminated by upgrades. In addition, each level will present different missions: in some cases you have to drop toys from above by removing the blocks and making them come out of the screen, in others you have to eliminate a certain number of colored cubes, in others will be the bubbles or colored blocks to be destroyed. Proceeding in the levels, it will be even more complicated to solve puzzles, for example, in some cases, there will be levels almost completely frozen, or, in others, you will need to create a total number of cubes to complete a mission.

The best matching puzzle game with unique magical powers and power-ups! Join the fun world of AMY and help her collect her precious toys! Match two or more blocks of the same colour to clear the level and collect the toys from where they are attached. But be careful! It’s not that easy to save all your toys when your moves are limited! Your talent for solving puzzles will be your best tool as you play this super addictive game. Just crush candy, break diamonds, crunch cookies or grow. Break the blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure!

Discover AMY’s fun storage room to make her smile. Play with the sweetest games that will drag you into the fun world of AMY. Break all the cubes of the same color using various accelerators such as block-destroying explosions, rechargeable power-ups and many more!

The tricks have been personally tested and work perfectly on Galaxy S6. If they work for me, they work for you. If you can’t activate them it means you’re doing something wrong in the process.

IMPORTANT: In some games (especially those that also work online in multiplayer) applying the tricks you risk the ban. Also remember that all the files here linked were not created by me, but simply look for them on other foreign sites, try them and text them for you and if they work I share them.

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